Still Remain There!!


As usual people only chasing the one which is fascinating to his vision

At night, all you can see is darkness all around, but it is not stop on that

Among creatures in the darkness of sky, there is the one which is shining timidly, surrounded by stars who is beaten by the size of the famous one.,

It is not possible for the chosen one to go and get the dominant one, but it is not buried the possibility for an average man to catch the stars that thousand in number, because if you get one star, it will be not sufficient for another the shining one.. There are thousands of them to get it..

Talking about stars, it just little in size because it is far away from where we are standing, it huge than everyone imagination if we can see it closely.

The unforgettable one is free to choose whatever they want, it okay to break the rule consciously..

The unforgettable one goes nowhere just sit quietly looking around without make any sound, to arrange plan to fight back if there is a little hope inside his mind..





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