Face of 2011

I can say it was intentionally or accidently video about the 100 most beautiful faces of 2011, before display all the faces of the women.. there is a quote of beautiful girls that drive to realistic of the world of man about the power of beautiful women have.

A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like youve been drinking Jack & Coke all morning.

She can make you feel high and full of the single greatest commodity known to man.promise.

Promise of a better day.

Promise of greater hope.

Promise of a new tomorrow.

That promise can be found in the gait of a beautiful girlin her smile..in her soulIn the way she make every rotten little thing about life seem like its going to be okay.

The beauty is bottled promise

Scenes from brand new day

Hope dancing in stiletto heels

A beautiful girl is all powerful.. and thats as good as love

Thats as good as love!

                                                          “Beautiful Girls (1996)”


 It seems to me, Man already eats those promises and as consequence, he worships the beauty endlessly..

In the way she walks, forget the problem that burden all time and evaporate up to sky..

In her smile and in her soul, I put my imagination

I look the world all stunning and charming; I should deal with the problem of man’s desire and expectation.


Knowing about others are wise and knowing about himself is enlightened.


Even though a beautiful girl is all powerful…

Congratulation to EMMA WATSON the most beautiful face of 2011 !!!!!!


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  1. Hi, there.. Another blogger 😀

    Thankss for commenting on my blog. Here I am commenting yours 😀

    Well, pretty sophisticated blog this one though, yet, beauty is what people always seek.
    You just have to define it in the right spot, for the sake of beauty-continuity.


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