Amongst my fellow blogger, I am the only who has less stamp’s mark in passport.

But, of course our traveling does not chase that stamp.

Let say it, Thom live in Gumi, Korea and recently took a trip to Japan.

Ninuk and Tina still sense the sweet taste of Kimchi from Seoul.


They do that I do not,

They collect every penny and create a plan in order to fulfill their desire to go to somewhere across the sea.

They catch a chance and realize the risk as well.

They are scanning the calendar, searching a holiday, imagining what to do, consuming the consequences as well.

They know the way to enjoy the thriller when do a click to book plane’s ticket for next month or the following year.

They put smiley face when looking zero number in their account.

They aware surrounding but they born to ignore it,

Surrounding perhaps, a comment which the sentences start with why, it could be: why do you go there? Why do you spend your money?

Ignoring perhaps, remain in their track walking through.

Me, I have a brutal dream, I wanna continue my study to Landon, Amin…



  1. “They put smiley face when looking zero number in their account.”
    Not only smiley but also a deep breath to think how to save money for living :))))
    anyway, you can achieve your dream! Londooooon 😀
    We’ll have bright smile when realizing that our dream comes true someday..

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