I realized

Instead of writing and revising my holy thesis, I went around; I slurp 2 or more cups of coffee, Reading Light, Zoe Corner, Potluck,

This is a crazy weekend, my purse said it loud and protested bitterly to me..


At Saturday, I started a day with went to the track where I could jogging, but precisely I just walk. My campus has it, a football field and a swimming pool. In the morning, I walked around 30 minutes in the track, the circle outside the football field. And at the same time, next to the track or the stadium is swimming pool. There was Rektor Cup, this swimming event attracted a lot swimmer especially students. At the parking lot, a bunch of car parked there. And then, I entered the swimming pool arena, I sat at spectator seat. And I enjoyed crowded of young swimmer.
I sat at Reading Light when I wrote it, and then I realized when I finished the paragraph above, my writing was crap, oh gosh… I need to improve my writing skill.

I should post this piece of crap, to remind me, I should do a serious effort to fix it.


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