Rubbish in my mind

Lately, the scumbag or douche bag is written on my forehead and a bold printed. In my vein, there is floating a rotten rat..

Eewwww… That is my current state of my life. I lost control in order to achieve my purest goal in life..
For this moment, My goal is only one which is to graduate this semester..

If I live with people who are exist at Majapahit era.. I wonder what kinds of class I am in the society; without doubt my class is in Sudra class, isn’t it? Definitely Yes, maybe

I wouldn’t go to the farm and just walk around at the street and the market,, oowwhh, it looks like my imagination control my mind.. Then, I run to the top of mountain behind Nobita’s school and scream loud out… just for calming my nerves..

I dream to be a king yet I am a beggar in denial,,

I try fix my own self to be in straight track to reach my purest goal,,,, today writing is totally random thought..



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