Moving in and New Me

You have no idea how painful it is to keep on doing something
And keep on doing something even though you know it’s wrong, but…
You just can’t stop.
It must be awful. (Addiction and all that)
(It was said by Moriarty (a name of a character in BBC Sherlock) in another drama he was It in Dates)


Okay now,, I said bye to my old address..
Now, I have a new address.. I wish this is the last address that I would have in this town..

There are the deals..

I should deal with a new environment, a new people,a new route to go to the campus,, a new sound, a new track, a new room, a new bed, a new bathroom,a new place to eat and a new Me (cross finger)
New environment, it is, of course, covering several aspects, I am a person here, new of everything.. Trying to blend in..

New people, absolutely, stay here, my ears become more comfortable with the language,, the homogeneity people. They come from the same place and the same language even there are different sound in pronouncing the specific sound.. Basically, it is my hometown…

New route, yeah, I take 20 mins or more, I should take angkot, extra cost, it is a different page If I ITB’s student, I just walk to get at the campus,,

New sound, the traffic is not produce scary sound, but free sound of rats-fortunately,, I take a bow for that.. Nevertheless, the horrible sound from the alley next to this building (at the afternoon, commonly occur),, the sound makes my eyes and ears like on fire.. Children playing around and shouting, crying, women gossiping, regrettably, they are not whispering … arrgghh..

New track, I used to run at campus but it turns to be a Sabuga with 2k to get in,, totally dissimilar atmosphere, rumput tetangga selalu terlihat lebih hijau… it is Bandung my man.. it is, yang bikin rajin lari to shape my body or lose my fat..

New room, it is better than my previous room (the size, the space, the light, the air circulation, however, the wall, still cracking remains same,, even though there were 3 rooms where I consider as my previous rooms,, exclamation, no dropping water!!

New bed, the room with the 3 beds in it,, it seems good quality,, I still remember clearly I bought 75k which I left it behind sadly, because I know here, there are 3 good quality waiting me.. and the morning with new bed, my entire body likes receiving thousand punches,, gratefully the rest morning, everything is normal…

New bathroom, Yep, here, the second time, I took a shower, really, it is a shower,,

New place to eat, I disappointed no Warteg here,, like mushrooms in the spring growing anywhere, the vendors open with a sign of the sinking of the sun… Mie Aceh nya matches with my taste,, then a favorite place for people who are mostly students,, the menu, it adjusted so well with my stomach but unfortunately not with my wallet.. break a leg,, I fantasize to meet my sweetheart.. Destiny

New Me, it is the important one,, and it relates with the dialogue above, at the opening, I wanna change,, that is the purpose of my Hijrah,, I wish this is the last place for me, I name it. Those are Procrastination, Writer’s block, and Indolent…


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