Oh lately.. I am good in reducing my life span..

Reid Spencer ever told me.. it is not direct conversation.. of course.. Spencer always said to his mom that 5 minuets.. the time that his mom throw away while her do the cigarette things..

I doubt my memory,, and it is true I do wrong in memorizing.. it is 6 minutes.. the cigarette takes away from the smoker life span..

I do not know how many minutes that the cigarette takes from me.. hahahaha..

Beside regular cigar.. hhmm.. what is regular? A cigarette with filter and usually has white color.. I suppose,

at first I like smoke a cigarette without filter,,, oh yeah,,, it bollocks decision that I ever take.. what I felt when I sucking the smoke.. headache, dry mouth, unpleasant smell and cool in stupidity.. gkgkgkgkg..

My mouth and my tongue feel different.. later on.. it likes burning sensation,, and sour saliva..

and my adventure is still rolling.. I went to the place that calls dago 34,, a place where legally to purchase liquor and cigar. I bought a cigar, I just wanna know how it was to suck a fine tobacco.. I only able to purchase a cheap one.. the price could reach 125k.. later on, at the night I sleep over at my friend boarding house,, the ludicrous act of me..the taste of the cigar is really awful… yucky.. never do that again..

The weather that so cozy tempted me to suck another cigarette.. I do not blame the cozy wind that gently touch my skin..

oohh.. God,, am I being addicted to the cigarette.. oh no.. it jumps quickly to the conclusion.. I can bravely say,, not addicted yet..


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